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  • March 28Herman boys soccer team win 4-0 against Valley Christian
  • March 19National walkout on March 14th a success: government contemplating gun control
  • March 8Herman girls soccer team win 6-0 against Davis
Peyton Follosco
Peyton Follosco is unique because he can program robots. Peyton Follosco is a 7th grader in Adventure STEM.  Being an AdVenture student means being respectful, responsible, and safe. You also have to stay on top of your grades and do your work. One of Peyton's dreams is to become and engineer. He wants to become and engineer because he likes the way robots work. He also dreams of building his own robot. One of his hobbies include programming, building, and gaming. He really likes gaming online because he likes playing with his friends. Peyton Follosco also really likes to stay on top of his grades. When he has free time and he's not building stuff or hanging out with his friends Peyton likes to check his grades and try to regrade something. He has had to move schools a lot in his life. Peyton Follosco has moved schools seven times now. He also really wants to get into a good college and get a scholarship for programming or engineering. Peyton likes to set his dreams very high.

Peyton Follosco, Recorder

Nov 04, 2019
Is Fortnite Better Than PUBG? (Story)
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Peyton Follosco