Patriot Power

  • March 28Herman boys soccer team win 4-0 against Valley Christian
  • March 19National walkout on March 14th a success: government contemplating gun control
  • March 8Herman girls soccer team win 6-0 against Davis
Aubrey Mora
Aubrey Mora has an attack dog, named Austin, but he's really sweet. She has an older sister which most people don't know and she also has a younger sister, who might be a bit insane. Aubrey Mora is currently in 7th grade at the Adventure STEM Program. She is 12 years old and soon to be 13. Her top two favorite subjects in school are History and Elective. She likes History because she gets to learn about the past and how our world today was shaped from the choices our ancestors made. Aubrey also likes elective because most of the activities they do are fun and interesting. Some things she likes to do after school is playing games on her computer, taking her dog on walks, and being outside or just going on hikes.

Aubrey Mora, Reporter

Oct 28, 2019
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