Unfettered Access to Social Media



Many people, mostly teenagers with social media have been affected by social media platforms. Social media can have a positive outcome for some teenagers, but for some people, it has multiple negative effects.  A few of these positive outcomes are catching up with friends and family, getting inspiration, etc. Some people use social media for mainly these reasons, but there are negative effects such as looking at images of people and becoming jealous of the things they have or the way they look, which leads to teenagers developing certain insecurities. 

Multiple studies have found a strong bond between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, and much more. Even though many people use social media for enjoyment purposes, the study found that reducing social media usage can actually make you feel less lonely and isolated and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

Avani Chaudhary responds to the question “How do you think social media affects our daily lives” by saying, “I believe that social media has both positive and negative effects on us. For inspiration and entertainment, I use social media. Even though I use platforms for entertainment, I believe they have some disadvantages. Some people, for example, dislike themselves after seeing edited photos of others. Many people use social media for funt, but it has an impact on us by showing us unrealistic expectations”

They also believe that “social media has an impact on our thoughts on certain topics, such as our body image, clothing styles, and daily lives and routines. I believe it has an impact on us because many people want to dress, look, and live like people they see on the internet, even if some of these expectations and desires are unrealistic and at times also edited.”

Even though we use social media platforms for positive reasons, we should still try to limit the time we spend on them. We can start limiting our social media usage by putting our phones down while we eat, clean, and hang out with our family and friends. We can also prevent addiction to social media by turning off our phones once in a while so we don’t have the urge to check the notifications from our phones.