Apple vs. Samsung



Apple on the left and Samsung on the right

The question “Apple or Samsung?” has been in everyone’s head at least once. Apple comes in first for the most sales in the USA with Samsung coming in second, but as for Worldwide Samsung still takes the lead as in 2021. But does sales mean better? Let’s look at the functionalities. For many people, a camera is a key factor and the iPhone 12 Pro, has 3 main cameras including the 12MP wide and also a 12MP selfie camera. While the Samsung s21 has a whopping 108MP wide-angle lens and 12MP wide lens. Well for this one Samsung also takes the win, Samsung supported the AMOLED display from years ago while even the newest I-phone is still stuck at OLEDs. What are they? AMOLED has better displays while saving more batteries by turning off black pixels. Apple doesn’t yet have what it needs to make functioning OLEDs. This is why if Apple has big sales, Samsung will also gain money, but if Apple fails to reach the amount they agreed with Samsung makes even more money so it’s a win-win for Samsung. Apple does not want to work with Samsung because it is their biggest competitor, but they have no choice because no other companies can mass produce that amount of OLED displays.

Some might think that Samsung can’t make too much money just with displays, but this is not true not only does Apple give Samsung a lot of sales, but it is also not only displays. This might also become a shock to many people but Samsung also makes some Apple chips including the NAND flash and the DRAM chips which are now the 2 fastest growing chips. Then is there something Apple is better at? Some people might say they have more ranges of apps and programs available. Apple has Procreate and Facetime, it is just Apple’s app and there are Samsung’s apps that Apple can’t download, Apple users can’t just go to the web and download their friends’ apps or apps that violate the rules so they can’t be downloaded off of the Play Store or the App Store. Now, why would someone want to download apps that violate the rules? Well, there are many reasons. First are the ones that block income for other apps, these are the apps that can block every ad in every app or game, doing this is violating the App Store/Play store rules because they want their developers to make money. But some apps, especially mobile games, use too many ads and people can block all of that with apps like this. The second kind of app is the Modded version. Modded apps are just modified versions of an app. For instance, modifying the premium membership in an app to get it for free or a paid app for no money. Some examples are the mods of infinite VPN service in a paid service membership or downloading paid apps like Minecraft for free. The third good thing is that anyone can download apps only meant for other android devices. For example, by finding and downloading the right APK, anyone can get the recording app that was only meant for Pixel phones. 

One most common pro for apple users is “good battery” but is it true?  The short answer is yes and no because it is good but Samsung just has a Better battery. And when Later asked about why he likes Apple as a company? He simply responded with “I don’t”. I believe this happens a lot because as I am watching these YouTubers do their review, they realize Samsung is better and say so and recommend it but they still use Apple because they are too deep in the Apple ecosystem, which is not a bad thing at all. Because when a user has a Mac, an Apple Watch, Apple Music, iPhones, and the AirPods it is really hard to get out since they only work so well in pairs. Because yes while users can use Macbooks with Samsung phones it would lose some of the best features like Air-drop. Don’t get me wrong there is a feature called nearby share on Samsung but none of them work when mixing the two companies. So what about batteries, Storage, Price? First the battery, well this is a clear winner of Samsung but this is already known by many Iphones best battery, the iPhone 12 pro max only has 3687 mAh while Samsung’s Galaxy s21 has a 5000 mAh and it isn’t even the best battery for Samsung the Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 7000 mAh.

Now on to Storage. Storage is the same with both coming in at max at 256 GB but this can be upgraded in a Samsung phone, see another good feature of a Samsung phone is that users have a place to put a memory card meaning users can buy a 256 GB memory card for only $30 to double the storage. But what about the official pricing before sales and upgrades? This is where it again gets tricky as if right now on paper it seems like the best Apple phones are $100 cheaper than the best Samsung phones, but it won’t stay the same, this is because Samsung drastically decreases the price after the next phone drops as well as having a lot of sales, for a comparison a 2-year-old flagship phone that was $1000 at that time is now only $549.9. While Apple rarely does sales. It can also have great deals in offers like trading in a 3-year-old phone for the newest phone + their newest Samsung Galaxy buds for just a total of $300 and the Samsung buds themselves are already $150! Also, Samsung offers a wider range of price phones. And people usually get the phones for cheaper than I-phones but on paper, iPhones are cheaper. What about improvements? This Samsung takes the win by far Samsung adapts to new changes fast, like for example they are adapted to USB type C from years ago, while Apple is still using the lightning cable, Also their main camera MP hasn’t changed much from iPhone 6s and that was 2015, it is still 12 MP main camera, But yes they have improved on low-light and color-adjustments and adding more cameras.

Okay, we got all that but what is Apple better at? It is the Selfie camera software. Now Samsung has better self hardware meaning it can capture in a higher resolution, but Apple has better software, it has better detection of faces, meaning it can still recognize faces that are low light, low angle, and with face mask combined! But although Samsung lacks in face detecting it still does have better software in Blur background and night mode. Some might also say Apple’s video is better because it looks more like the main camera, why Samsung has a noticeable decrease in the video going all the way down to 12MP (the same as an I-phone main camera), but this can be backed up with the fact that  Samsung can take ultra smoother videos. Another thing Apple is better at is its variety of accessories. Since I-phones are more popular in America there are more varieties of iPhone accessories like cases.

And still, there are more little things to love like for instance, having more camera modes. Single take is a big new feature which uses all the cameras possible at the same time like ultra wide, normal, video, slow-motion, and lets you choose later. Samsung also has other camera modes that Apple doesn’t currently have like super slow-motion, portrait video, and more. Another little thing is that Samsung has a tiny punch hole for the camera while apple has a huge notch. Another thing is durability, and the level of customization from making their own widgets, live wallpapers and getting launchers. Samsung also seems faster with what the user wants because Samsung had widgets from 2008, and could also do picture-in-picture from a while back. there also seem to be more choices made by the user like screen refresh rate, being the ability to choose between navigation buttons and gestures. My all-time favorite is the option to use separate volumes for different apps so I can mute the game BGM and play my own from Spotify. Another not-so-small thing is that Samsung phones have in-screen fingerprint scanners, so users can use both fingerprint and face recognition at the same time, this is especially useful when wearing a lot of masks like in today’s world. Samsung phones also come in all sorts of variety so users are not restricted to one. They got phones like a flip phone that folds into a compact shape, a folded phone that when closed, is a normal phone but opens up to a twice as bigger screen like a tablet. They also got phones that have built-in pens, and phones that don’t, the one focused on camera and zoom, or the one that is a mid-range cheap phone going low as 99 bucks while still having a decent camera, a smaller notch than an I-phone, and a big screen and battery. Last but not least Samsung can have a refresh rate of up to 120 which is double apple’s making scrolling ultra-smooth. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference and the preference of the OS system. But as of 2021, I think the winner is Samsung in almost every category.