Shortages In America


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Picture by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

First the pandemic then the shortages, what’s next? There have been multiple shortages popping out of the blue because of this pandemic. Work production has been slower than ever and no one has been working in factories. Here are a few of the shortages that have been happening and why.

The International pandemic, stay-at-home orders, heavy storms, and the chicken wars have put a strain in the U.S. chicken supply. Large winter storms in Texas and other nearby chicken producing states have added to the reduction and chickens produced. Chicken wing production has been hit the most due to increased demand and a larger gap in the supply chain. This is causing the price of wings to increase the most.

Again with the food, this time bacon has been hit by a shortage. The demand for meat increased, causing grocery stores to place limits on the amount that buyers could purchase. There are not enough workers in slaughterhouses and this is why the price of bacon has increased.

If the bacon shortage wasn’t enough, the pandemic did not stop the hackers from costing U.S. companies millions of dollars. The gas shortage put many in shock when they heard there was a gas shortage. Many started to worry how they would get to work or how they would get their kids to school. Along with the hackers that demand a ransom of about 5 million dollars just for gas to begin flowing once again.

Due to soaring material cost, plans to build more plants have been put on hold. This and the labor shortage has lowered production. If enough people get vaccinated and are able to go back to work, we will no longer have the current shortages. Until more labor returns to the factories, there is going to be an increased price in everything that is going through a shortage.