Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie (spoiler warning)


Recently the Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train came to america. A few months ago Demon slayer season 2 was announced and the fans of Demon Slayer in America were angry. They were angry because the movie had not come to the U.S yet and season 2 was already coming out soon. Now after a month or so the movie came to the U.S and people can’t wait to see it. 

Many fans are skeptical about what happened during the movie. Others are surprised and like what they saw during the movie. Many are sad about the death in the movie and others are encouraged to live life to the fullest. For those who don’t know, Demon Slayer is an anime that was recently released and is growing in popularity. To put it in perspective the best selling manga when Demon Slayer released was One piece and has sold billions of copies and made a ton of money. When the Demon Slayer manga was released it passed One piece in a matter of months. The makers of Demon Slayer decided to make a movie because the anime was already making a ton of money and that brings us to where we are now. Even now Demon Slayer is still rising in popularity. The movie made millions of dollars after the first week or release and people still haven’t seen it. 

The manga for Demon Slayer has now ended and non manga readers are wondering how Demon Slayer is going to end with the movie giving a little hint on revenge. Kyle (don’t have last name )(a manga and anime watcher) said “it was a good movie. If you’re gonna watch season 2 you should definitely watch the movie or you won’t get somethings in the second season.” He said” The reason the movie is a good movie is because even though it’s boring at first, later it gets better and the animations are really good.”

Kyle says, “I don’t really dislike any part of the movie, the only part I don’t like is the plot. I don’t like that Rengoku had to screw up.” He also said, “that part I like is that the movie encourages how beautiful life is and because people die and live a short life it makes life beautiful.” The last thing he said is, “I also liked how the movie promotes that you don’t need to kill someone or win the fight for it to be winning, if you complete your goal it is still winning. The last thing I liked about the movie is how Rengoku had to fight someone more powerful than him and that he had to surpass his limits to complete his goals in life (to protect those weaker than him).”

Kyle says, “with all the things that happened during the movie and the great animations I would say it is worth the time and money.” Now fans of Demon Slayer are satisfied or angrier because of the movie. As Demon slayer progresses we will see how the opinion of the people change about the movie. Kyle’s last words to us are “ Do your best in life and live life to the fullest.”