Goats as pets


Goats, most of the time they are eating your clothes or making weird noises. What if someone told you that goats are excellent pets? Would you believe them? Goats are farm animals that you have probably seen at a farm or zoo. They produce milk when alive and meat when they are dead. Goats have been pets for nearly 8,000 years, they were found in Western Asia at a digging site. They were owned by travelers in North America and Mexico in the 1500s.

Now let’s talk about goats as pets, there are many different goat breeds and they’re all different. ¨I would recommend it, they are relatively easy to take care of.¨ Ethan Sinkovic, goat expert. Ethan states that the best breeds for goat pets are: ¨Pygmy goats and nigerian dwarf goats. They are small, friendly and want cuddles.¨ Unfortunately, they all stink. Everyone stinks sometimes but goats are a little worse so keep febreeze close by when you’re around your goat. Goats do have a tendency to bite, headbutt and when they are scared or surprised by something, their muscles grow stiff and they ¨faint¨. Goats also make noises such as ¨bleat¨ and ¨maa¨. Some goats do make human noises.

Goats that have been in Movies & TV-shows do tend to show them eating anything in sight. That has little truth to it. When they are left alone and unsupervised in your house they will eat your trash and house plants. They like to eat plants, grass, shrubs and sometimes tree bark. Goats have a four-compartment stomach that digests food and other materials (like your trash!). These four compartments are called the Reticulum, the Rumen, the Omasum and the Abomasum. The first 3 compartments are used to digest food such as grass and plants. Then those have all the nutrition sucked out of them by the Abomasum then it gets pooped out. Have a bag handy!

All In all, goats are good pets. There are a few exceptions to them but that goes with every animal you have as a pet. Nobody or No goat is perfect. ¨ About 2.66 million people own goats in the US.¨ So even if you have a hard time with a goat, think of all the other people with the same problems. So take some time to think about it and maybe a goat could appear in your house.