Warzone vs. Apex Legends


While Warzone is definitely one of the best battle royale titles out there it certainly has its issues and there might be better options. But where would we find a free battle royale that offers quality, great gunplay, and customization? Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends might be the answer. Apex has a higher player count than ever. That’s for good reason, as each season keeps the title fresh by adding new playable characters (legends), new weapons, maps, and more. You could argure that Apex puts more focus on playing with a squad as there are no dedicated solos. While the two titles are quite different in their settings, they bear a lot of similarities.

If you’re looking for a battle royale and you can’t stand Fortnite then Warzone and Apex are a good choice. Much like Warzone, Apex Legends has a respawn system that allows you to bring even dead teammates back to life by bringing their tag to a beacon. On the surface, Apex Legends and Warzone appear to have little in common, despite both being FPS Battle Royale games, but what cues can Apex take from the new COD BR in order to stay ahead? Gamers on the Apex Legends subreddit have been sounding off about the improvements both games need to make. With so many people playing Apex and Warzone there are many that say one is better than the other. Both Games have 100 million people playing it. Warzone is growing faster, only taking just over a year to reach 100 million. Apex took two years to get 100 million players, just reaching it 2 weeks ago.

Call of Duty: Warzone is in a uniquely difficult position to stay relevant and fresh considering most of its features are rooted in the realism now standard with the franchise. When battle royales need to shake things up, they tend to lean further into the spectacle of their universes, but Call of Duty can’t really do that.

If you like to fool around and have fun, that’s cool. For those players that want to give it all they got and do their best there’s a ranked mode in Apex Legends. Ironically, even after many requests by the community, Warzone is still lacking one in 2021. Warzone got notoriously big for a total of over 100GB. Not all of us have that much space, especially on an SSD. Apex Legends is currently sitting at 55GB with the latest update.

So which battle royale is the better choice? That’s entirely up to you but right now Apex Legends is really tempting. If you haven’t tried Warzone or Apex you should because both are really fun to play with friends.