Nestle’s Dark Side


Nestle baby Food

Everybody knows the company Nestle. The company that you see whenever you go to the grocery store whether it’s on water, baby food, or even your favorite candy. Although things like this seem normal at face value, Nestle’s past is far darker than many will believe as Nestle has been accused of being responsible for a large drought in California and the deaths of over 1 million infants.

During the 1970s Nestle began to advertise their baby formula products in other regions in the world mainly Africa and many other poor countries. The downside to this was that these countries were not very literate and uneducated mothers were not aware that boiling water for baby formula was necessary but since they did not know this, which put many babies and infants at risk of serious illness or death.

There have been some accusations going around that Nestle was fully aware of this unethical issue but decided to ignore it and continued to manipulate mothers into buying their formula. Nestle is also one the largest bottled water manufacturers in the world owning 10+ different brands of bottled water. But in 2017, Nestle siphoned about 58 million gallons of water from California’s San Bernardino forest.

Although Nestle owns rights to California water supplies ever since 1985, they were only legally allowed to claim 2.3 million gallons a year but far surpassed that number by 55.7+ gallons. This large drainage led to a drought with Julé Rizzardo, the assistant deputy director of the Division of Water Rights saying, “We have a limited amount of water” and, “And as we face our second dry year in a row, it’s important that we use our authority to protect the municipal water supply and the environment.”

Although after these events of what Nestle has done there are still some varying opinions on these matters. Aiden Lee has said, “Although I am an avid consumer of Nestle products and that I have been educated on this topic I will begin limiting myself on these products because I cannot support something like this.” Elliot Liu says, “Even though Nestle’s products have caused the deaths of over a million infants I believe that it is the mothers’ fault and not Nestle themselves.”

Although millions upon millions of people enjoy consuming products of Nestle, there is still a bad side to them including the deaths of over a million infants causing a major drought in California.