End of the U.S War in Afghanistan


After 20 long years of endless fighting and war raging thunder, Biden proclaims that the war in Afghanistan is ending. Biden states that he will achieve zero U.S troops in Afghanistan by September 11th. But this statement isn’t the first among U.S presidents.

Vowed by Barack Obama in 2016, he would say that he would end the Afghan war, but by the end of his term more Afghanistan U.S troops were left behind. Biden’s vow does not seem reassuring due to past presidents’ failures. Further this plan may be unsupported or not very new to citizens. Biden is making a big vow and claim, with all of his other plans, it is hard to fit in one that has been in a sticky situation for so long. The hatch has been rusted and unopened for too long, it seems as if it is too late now.

The raging war in Afghanistan has been going on for nearly 20 years. The longest war the U.S has fought on foreign land. After the crisis of the twin towers, the war between the U.S and the al-Qaeda has been like a never ending forest fire, gasoline being poured to further drive it into chaos. The operation in Afghanistan is to locate the al-Qaeda safe base, home to Afghanistan and protected by the Taliban. To prevent future terrorist attacks from Afghanistan, U.S troops have been trying to dismantle the al-Qaeda’s operation. Since then, Presidents have been trying to bring soldiers from the Afghan war home, but many of these vows were not successful and returned to the people as they hoped.

This caused much disbelief and doubt to many of the presidents vows. Along with this, many people find it impossible in this situation to bring back the U.S troops and further end the war that has been very alive and continued for the last 20 years. From this long lasting fire, it’s hard to put it out when its only continuing from its course in 2001. The situation is not condition based and the President has only judged the conditions, this continuous pattern of uncertainness is the recipe for a continuing Afghanistan war at stake.

Many people can just hope that Biden’s plan can be achieved. If this plan succeeds it will be the news of 2021 for the U.S, and the final ending of the lasting fire.