Dancing During Lockdown



Before March 2020, life was good. We were able to do things outdoors without having to wear masks. Then came Friday, March 13, 2020 and quarantine began. Because of quarantine dance studios in our area closed for a few weeks, but then they started opening and offering online zoom classes. My dance studio, South Bay Dance Center(SBDC) started online classes only a week or two after quarantine started. 

Starting in September 2020 SBDC dance studio got to start being in person. It wasn’t like it used to be, we could only dance outside on a stage that was in the parking lot. There were groups of 10 or less people that were called our cohorts, the students met two days a week for two hours at either the dance studio or the owner of the studio’s house. Kayleigh was in the red cohort with 9 other people. At the beginning of the year we met on Wednesday at the studio and Thursdays at Mrs.Kits house(the owner of the studio). At first dancing outside while wearing a mask was really weird and uncomfortable for me but as the dance season went on I got more and more used to it. 

According to Ava, a dancer at SBDC Dance Studio, she thinks the dance studio did a good job during quarantine. “They offer a lot of classes online. They also offer in-person cohorts that run two hours. Because of that, we got a lot more dance time, which made us grow and made us better dancers, said Ava. Some people think that dance is not a sport but it is an art form other people think that dance is a sport and not an art form and some people like me think that dance is both an art form and a sport.

Ava says, “Both because it takes a lot of strength and power to be able to dance. You can’t kick your leg up and expect it to work. You have to have the strength to be able to do it without hurting/injuring yourself.” I also asked Ava what her favorite thing about dance was and what style she likes best. She said that acting through the dances and feeling the emotions while you dance. It really makes you connected to the piece that you’re dancing and without emotion the dance is really plain and boring. Ava said that jazz is her favorite genre of dance because you can have technique in jazz but also you can also have fun and emotion.

Dancing during quarantine has been interesting. We have not been able to dance in person as much as we used to and we have not been able to do as many classes and we could have done before quarantine. Even though COVID basically shut everything down I am super grateful that my teacher Mrs.Kit found a way to keep us dances in person and online.