Why it is Important to get vaccinated and what people feel about the COVID Vaccine


SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA >>>> Starting April 15 all people in California over 16 years of age were eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. Some people are skeptical about the long term effects of these vaccines. Though many people think that proven benefits of Covid-19 vaccination outweigh the risks.  People seek the protection of vaccines. People also want to get the vaccine so that they are able to do more.  Expert sources urge people to get vaccinated. They insist that the vaccines are an essential tool in stopping the pandemic. 

It’s important to get the vaccine to slowly stop the spread of COVID-19.  If people didn’t take the vaccine, this could lead to major impacts on everyone’s health around the world.  It would also be difficult to control the spread of Covid-19.  According to Sarah Moore, “If significant portions of the population were to reject the vaccine, this could have a serious impact on the vaccine’s potential efficacy at controlling the spread of COVID-19.”  Vaccines can help reduce the spread/risk of COVID-19 and help others stay safe.  The vaccine can also help by strengthening the immune system and allows them to fight off the germs.  “The vaccine reduces the risk by allowing our immune system to produce antibodies to fight COVID-19 virus if exposed.” says Hanh Nguyen.

If you have a job where you come in contact with many people each day getting vaccinated could be crucial for yours and other people’s protection. “I think it was mandatory because I work at a milk tea store, and us workers have to be in contact with many customers each day. So I think it was best for me to get the vaccine” says Casey Quach.  Krystal Carter, A San Jose Unified School District middle school teacher, was a bit skeptical about the vaccine. Though she knew it was important to get vaccinated because of her high contact job. “We don’t really know what any of the long term side effects of it will be. However, if i’m going back to work the risk of going back unvaccinated is worse than the risk of taking the vaccine.” she says

People should get the vaccine if they’re 16 years old and up, at health department clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, or anywhere that provides vaccines. Especially since the Covid vaccines can vary from 70-90% of it being effective and will keep you safe from having major illnesses from Covid-19. “Ages 12-15 are expected to get the vaccine soon, according to the FDA (The FDA releases information about vaccines and is responsible for protecting public health). “There are three vaccines available in the U.S.  Two vaccines made by Pfizer and Modrna are made from mRNA instead of virus particles. The third vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is made out of adenovirus” says Hanh Nguyen. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “6,000 people have contracted covid-19 after receiving both doses of the vaccine. Some people don’t take the precautions of wearing a mask, after their first dose. People are still able to contract the virus even if they only got one dose of the vaccine.”