How does social media affect our everyday lives?

How does social media affect our everyday lives?

Some adults think that social media is taking a toll on teenager’s lives, but they say that it’s their only escape. But, social media is more than that, it’s something that connects all of us. How can social media really affect us though? It’s hard to understand both the good and bad sides of social media. Social media is a platform that can connect millions of people through images, replies, and messages. Most Patriot readers have social media and should learn how to control their social media situations.

Social media is filled with all sorts of opinions, jokes, tutorials, etc; you will find almost any account/page you can think of. Social media has its benefits and disadvantages, for example, you can find many videos and photos that help spread awareness about positive changes or that can help educate people but you can also come across videos and photos that promote unrealistic standards or that spreads hate. Social media can make people close-minded because it is so easy to block out other people’s views/perspectives. It is important to join social media open-minded and confident or you will be like a fly in a pond of frogs. One of the biggest topics on the internet right now are about minors 12 years of age and older being allowed to receive the vaccine. Social media has had a huge influence on people’s decision of getting the vaccine or not. Social media has allowed people to express their point of views more comfortably because they aren’t face to face with anyone while sharing. This has its pros and cons, a pro being; it can make people more open minded, but a con is that sometimes people aren’t as sensitive when posting on social media.  

When interviewing students and asking them the question “How does social media affect your life?” their answers varied. When asking one interviewee in particular, they answered that it can affect you positively or negatively depending on who you are and what you think about social media. Another interviewee said that they think that people who use social media are mostly addicted and the people who don’t are more genuine. The last interviewee said that “I think that social media can affect us in both positive and negative ways. I use some social media for ideas and entertainment. Even though I use platforms for entertainment I think that it also comes with some negative aspects. For example, some people look at edited photos of others and start disliking themselves. Many people use social media for entertainment, but it affects us by setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves”.

In the article, “Social media’s growing impact on our lives”, it explains that social media is slowly taking over teenager’s and adult’s lives. Depending on how much time we spend on social media, it can change our lives and everyday habits. From a young teen journalist in Kazakhstan, we thought that “How Social Media Affects Teens” shows a bright side of social media. One of the pros she mentioned was teens being able to be more open about their opinions and “speak” their voice.  It shares more effects of social media like depression and addiction. In the article, “How Social Media is Affecting Our Lives” written by skriloff, it brings up a lot of good topics on the effect of social media. For example, social media is being used by 1/3 of the whole world. It also mentions how easy it is for people to find personal info online.

In conclusion, the way social media affects our lives differs on who we are/what our opinions are. When asking our interviewees the question of how social media affects our lives, most of them said the same thing. Most people do not realize how much social media can affect your life. While social media can be helpful to communicate and talk, it is also a source of danger. Social media is a place where people can escape and only show what they want to show to people.