The Jr. Sharks Organization

The Jr. Sharks organization has been here for around 20 years. This organization was built to help kids become better hockey players.  They have many coaches and ice time to give to their players.  Some of the coaches are former NHL players such as Curtis Brown, Owen Nolan and Nabokov. They also made a rink that has 4 ices and the barracuda stadium which is in the making. This is helpful for their players because multiple teams can play at the same time.  

There are multiple levels of USA hockey. You can choose house league (play in home town) or travel (travel to play hockey). This is good because not all people can afford to travel.  This means that you can still get better at hockey by staying in your hometown or get better while traveling.  The founder of the organization is Jon Guestofson.  He was a former NHL player who retired and decided to make the Jr. Sharks organization.

The Jr. Sharks organization has boys at the age of 9-18 girls at 8-18 and women above 20 years old.  Their goal is to give their players the best coaching as they can to get them to the best skill level they can be.  They also have off ice training to get their players stronger so they can do better while playing.  They also try to get their players to travel so they can get used to traveling a lot.  There are many tournaments each year which can be as far as Toronto or as close as California.  

They have at least 2 coaches for each team but most of the time they have 3.  The Jr. Sharks organization tries to expose as much professional hockey to their players as possible.  The three major themes of this organization are develop, compete, and promote. Some important things that they try to teach their players are sportsmanship, hard-work, and accountability to become a better person.  

Jr. Sharks organization spends a lot of their time and money trying to help all their players.  From the training of former NHL players they hope that they will be able to help their players also become NHL players.  The coaches progress their players by starting them slowly and then faster.  As Kolton Aubol said “Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Fast.”  This has helped many players because some of their players have made it to a high level in hockey.