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Genshin Impact is a free adventure game that is playable on mobile devices, PC and Xbox. It pulls inspiration from anime and the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild which is a video game produced by Nintendo. Like Breath of the Wild it does include quests and monsters. Even though some things may seem similar there are a lot of things that are different. For example, Genshin Impact is regularly updated and includes a gacha system where you can obtain characters and weapons. “Genshin Impact is an amazing open world adventure that draws heavily on both it’s breath of the wild and anime inspirations to create something truly special.” – IGN gaming

The main story is about you and your twin, you are trying to escape your own world because of war. When you are trying to leave an unknown god stops you and your twin gets taken. You have been trapped in another world that you know nothing about. Luckily you have a travel guide, known as Paimon. Paimon will help direct you in quests and teaches you about the history of the world of ‘Teyvat’. In Teyvat there are seven elements. Cryo (ice), pyro (fire), anemo (wind), geo (earth), electro (lighting), dendro (nature) and hydro (water). You are sent on a quest to obtain the seven elements and help the citizens on the way. 

There are about 32 playable characters so far that you can obtain. To obtain characters and weapons you must earn wishes from leveling up, completing quests, domains and fighting monsters. The newest released version of the game is the 1.5 update which included a new character, Eula. She is a cryo (ice) claymore user. 

In upcoming updates they are planning to add a new place on the map called Inazuma. Inazuma is the home of the electro Archon. In japanese Inazuma means “Lighting” the new update comes with a new character too. Although Eula is the most recent character they have already started working on newer ones. A character said to be released is Kuzuha. Kuzuha is known to be the only character from Inazuma so far. He is an anemo (wind) user which can deal bonus elemental damage if the enemy is affected by a corresponding element.  

Another update coming soon is the summer outfits for Barbara and Jean. Along with a rerun banner for Klee who is a pyro (fire) user, as another chance for players to obtain this five star character. Jean is an anemo (wind) user while Barbara is a hydro (water) user. Although you can obtain both of these characters by wishing the summer outfits must be obtained separately. You can obtain Barbara’s summer outfit through an event. Jean’s summer outfit is obtained using genesis crystals. You can obtain genesis crystals by paying money to the game. Jean’s summer outfit costs about $20.00. These are the upcoming updates on Genshin Impact.