Animals and How They Should be Treated


Animals are important. If you treat them well, they love you and can take care of you. Unfortunately, some people hurt or abuse their pets.  Nearly 10,000 pets are abused annually. aNot feeding animals enough or just not taking care of them can be a form of abuse, hurting them can also be abuse.

Pets can and are abused anywhere, in a house, at a pet store, anywhere, and it needs to stop. Animals are very helpful to this world, they keep things safe and they should be treated correctly. If you aren’t going to treat a pet correctly just don’t buy one, let someone else who will take care of it and make sure it gets the love it deserves get it. 

“Adopting is great, it is usually a lot cheaper so you have enough money for getting food and other resources” says Christina Perry, she works at a vet clinic and has adopted many pets. She tells me “Normally when you adopt from a shelter the pet has already been fixed and has had their shots.”

From her words she thinks that breeding is okay but only when it is done correctly by a breeder who knows what they are doing, and sometimes people need certain breeds because of allergies or something else; Christina explains how adopting can be helpful for people and can be helpful for the animals. “Animal Abuse is terrible, the animals didn’t do anything to harm you and they don’t deserve it”

Having a pet can be really helpful, they can be a personal service animal and can be emotional support, they can calm you down if you have anxiety or depression and even more. Pets can also just be there for you when you need them. Pets can make you happy and take your attention off of other things, they need a lot of attention and stuff to make sure they’re happy and healthy so it can take your mind off of other things that might be stressing you out. 

In conclusion animals are very important and do not deserve to be abused, they can be emotional support and can be really helpful for people, and adopting can save an animals life, but you shouldn’t get a pet if you’re not ready to take care of it and keep it safe and healthy. They deserve a loving family who will take care of it.