The Magic is Back!

The coronavirus pandemic has made life all over the world different. People have been staying home, public places have been closed, and lots of things had to be done from a distance. However, with the vaccine rolling out, and safety precautions lifting, more and more things are getting back to ‘normal’. For example, the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks in Anaheim, California. The parks opened on April 30, 2021 to California residents only, and will open to out-of-staters on June 15.

Disneyland has always been one of the most iconic amusement parks around. It normally is very crowded no matter when you go. However, due to the pandemic and COVID restrictions, Disneyland had to close. This is a very rare development for the Disney company since their amusement parks almost never close. There have only been three unplanned non-weather related full closures in Disneyland history. On November 23, 1963, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for a national day of mourning, on September 11, 2001, due to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and on March 14, 2020, due to COVID-19.

“I can’t wait to just be there and feel it and listen to the music and smell the churros,” said Robert Laird, a Disney megafan who was at Disneyland when it reopened. Laird wasn’t the only megafan who was excited for the Disneyland parks to reopen. People waited for hours in long lines on the morning of April 30 to get into the park. Although Disneyland was only open to 25% capacity, there were still a good amount of people there that day. People are used to the overcrowded, stuffed, busy streets of the amusement park. However, the streets were eerily quiet after being empty for over 400 days. 

Not everyone is itching to get back on rides though. There are still health and safety guidelines put in place to insure the guests and workers safety, which not everyone is a fan of For example, the park is only open to 25% capacity, and people have to social distance at all times. Also, guests have to order their food on a mobile app beforehand and wait for a pick-up time. This may prevent people from doing the things they want when they want, and push them to be not so excited to go back at this time.

“Workers roamed the parks ready to enforce the pandemic rules,” said Hugo Martin and Todd Martens, reporters for the Los Angeles Times. Although this may mean shorter lines and more time on rides, it also means not being able to go on all of the rides you want and keeping your mask up the whole time, which is a deal breaker for some.

Overall, Disneyland reopening means that this coronavirus pandemic might not last forever. Some are itching to get back to the magic, while others are fine staying home. Although the rules are loosening up a little, people still have to abide by the government regulations. For example, lines are shorter and social distancing, and some rides had seats blocked off so no one sits there. Disneyland has had a tremendous legacy since it opened in 1955, and it’s not stopping now.