A Dancer’s Point of View


Dancing to the music in your bedroom, not caring what anyone says, that is expressing yourself, that’s your hobby! Dancing is one of the best ways to express what you feel to others without talking. Moving through the music, telling a story with the lyrics and beats. Dancing at home is great, but when you feel very passionate, consider signing up for dance classes at studios near you. Dancing is very beneficial because it helps you with your mental, physical, and emotional health.

From my knowledge, dancing is one hobby that you can achieve and never get bored of because everyday you achieve something, you try something new. Every hour, a new move is discovered. Dancers aren’t just regular people, they have this desire to try new things because they have a mindset that once they achieve something, they try something new.

Said by the amazing dancer, Misty Copeland, “I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday” is a great way to express the way a dancer’s mindset works. Misty Copeland is a great inspiration to many dancers who are just starting or who have been working on dance for years. Misty Copeland isn’t all about being the best dancer, but being your best. Like she said in this quote, “All you can do is be your best self. I’m representing more than just me. I think everyone should be like that.” Some dancers who are dancing for the competition and winning, never get to experience that passion and escape that others feel who are passionate about dance.

Many professional dancers in the dance industry have influenced many dancers and made an impact on how they feel about themselves. Dancers who are passionate know that they can be themselves and don’t compare themselves to other dancers because they know they are doing their greatest. Things don’t come easy, in other words, dance is like a game, once you finish a level, you get another one to accomplish.