Selling Cookies From Home

With the pandemic affecting the world we have had to change how we live and make adjustments, one thing that has changed very much is how Girl Scouts sold cookies. Girl scouts used to stay out in front of stores and restaurants asking people as they passed if they wanted to buy cookies, this cookie season has changed all of that. Girl Scouts were selling online on a website called Digital Cookie. Many girls that didn’t sell anything at all were very rare. Every Girl Scout before this pandemic had to do booths and sell cookies because it was how they got money for their troop and knew they had a choice.

How girls sold cookies was different, they had to sell on Digital Cookie. Girls have used Digital Cookie before but had never only used it as the way they sold cookies. With selling online girls had more of a choice if they wanted to sell cookies, if girls didn’t do booths with others they would have their own booths by themselves. Girls this year were allowed to choose if they didn’t want to sell they didn’t have to. They did have to sacrifice how much money they would have in their bank account for their troop to spend on projects and activities they wanted to do. Troop leader Cat said, “Only half the troop sold cookies this year. In total four scouts.”

The cookie season was very different, with scouts only selling online there was a big difference in how many cookies were sold. A Girl Scout Troop leader said, “Yes, a huge difference. We could not sell in person. Most sales were through the girl’s Digital cookie site. Sales were down overall this year.” With kids not selling as many cookies, girls didn’t have to order as many cookies. Meaning the company of Girl Scouts didn’t have to make as many cookies they also didn’t make as much money from the girls selling either. One thing that had made selling online worth it was that it was easier for girls to sell cookies. Troop leader Cat said, “Yes, selling online is much easier. With a booth, you have to set-up and spend a few hours at a location. Selling online, you do not leave your home. Until you have to deliver.” This has changed how girls sell cookies. More will have to use Digital cookies and will use digital cookies to sell now.