Colonizing Space


As you know Elon Musk runs Tesla, an all electric vehicle company. But people also know that he runs a second company, SpaceX. SpaceX is a compant where they send rockets to space and study the solar system. Many people may know this but Elon Musk is planning on having around 1 million people staying and surviving on Mars. Now, this is a very big deal, last time everybody doubted that Elon Musk would be able to succeed with making his only electric vehicles, but he succeeded. Now, this is the same with trying to get to space, now this is even harder because Mars is further and the temperature is almost incompatible.

2060 is a long time from now and many new technologies can be made during those years. Mars is a very long way from here and it requires a lot of physical strength. By 2060 Elon Musk will be old and might not have enough physical strength to get to Mars because the force is strong.  Many people are already doubting Elon Musk that he will be able to get to Mars because of how difficult it is.  People are already asking why colonize Mars when you can just colonize deserts because up on Mars there is no oxygen and the temperature is way too hot and cold.

Many technologies will be made but, it probably won’t be enough to get to Mars. If Elon Musk wants to Colonize Mars then he is going to need more than just himself. This a very hard task to do just by yourself. There are some people that will support Elon’s idea so they will help Elon and they can get to Mars but it probably won’t be possible to colonize Mars due to not being able to breathe, and unpredictable temperatures. We still have many places on Earth that we can colonize, why do we need to colonize another planet.

If Elon does succeed in colonizing Mars then there probably won’t be as many people on there because many people living up there probably have top physique and money. It isn’t all about the money, it may help but it doesn’t matter you have to have ranked. Although you may have the chance of being able to go to Mars most people would rather stay on Earth because it is more simple and there is no need to do as much. Even if Earth was slowly dying from toxic wastes most people would rather go and clean up Earth and stay on Earth, which shows that very few people will be on Mars.

When going to Mars many people think that nothing will be on there except for rocks, some think that there are going to be extraterrestrial things living up there. If there was we would have known long ago, because Nasa examines most planets. There are many things that make humans want to stay on Earth rather than living on Mars. Look at all the planets right now they all don’t have an atmosphere so we can’t breathe, second because of no atmosphere the heat will be able to go in and the cold.  People will be freezing and also dying from heat, but if the pods are strong enough to withstand the heat then yes that would be cool but think of how many you would have to make for every person on Mars.