The World Against Climate Change

The World Against Climate Change

One of President Biden’s goals is to leverage 3 trillion federal dollars to address the issue of climate change. News anchors predict that he could be using them to build more electric vehicle charging stations, energy-efficient homes, and constructing new electric power lines. By installing these things we cannot fully stop it but there is a good chance that we can slow it down. For instance, electric cars don’t use gas so there are fewer fossil fuels. Factories emit carbon dioxide which is also known as fossil fuels and make the atmosphere warm.

Climate change is getting worse every day, and we have to start doing something about it. This is caused by fossil fuels, the more we burn them the more sunlight gets trapped. It has gotten so much worse over the years. When we use cars run by gas it just makes it much worse. Climate change can cause glaciers to melt, water levels rising, heat waves, and more. Droughts have become more frequent, ice and snow are melting faster than they used to.    

We can’t stop climate change but we can try our best to slow it down, such as using electric cars so we don’t have to use gasoline and just trying to not depend on fossil fuels as much as we do right now. With fewer factory emissions we could slow the greenhouse effect.  With the earth getting warmer the ice glaciers are melting, when glaciers melt it adds more water to the ocean. This is important to know because if more ice glaciers melt then it is most likely that the ocean will eventually overflow and flood areas around the world. 

 Let’s talk about someone who has influenced many people, Greta Thunberg, she is 18 and has made an impact on people, even though she is still young she is helping a lot. “I think we have reached a tipping point where enough scientists are telling it like it is” she tells us, Greta thinks that it is important to not only know about climate change but help impact others to learn about it and try to help. “I don’t want you to listen to me,” she said. “I want you to listen to the scientists.”. If people learn about climate change and how much damage it can cause they might actually want to do something about it. She proves that young people can make a change in the world. 

Climate change is very important and needs to be talked about. It is important for young people to know about this because it affects them too, everyone needs to try to do something about it or else it can get really bad.