The Vaccine that took America by Storm


COVID‑19. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know a lot about this but for the people that were living in a rock, it’s a disease that started in 2019 but spread most in 2020. 2.95M people worldwide died because of this disease. But the good news is that now we have a vaccine. This is intended to provide protection against the effects of the coronavirus. In fact, you can get them right now in local pharmacies. It is not much different than a normal vaccine. “It didn’t feel any different than taking any other vaccine,” stated Lindsay (one of the first testers to try the vaccine). 

So you might be asking, how did they make this vaccine so fast? Usually, making a vaccine can take up to 10 years or more, while the COVID vaccine was developed in less than a year. And to put that into perspective the Mumps vaccine took 4 years to develop and was holding the last record for the fastest developed vaccine. Moderna, the company that made the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, collaborated with the NIH to make full use of their short time and to make the best vaccine possible.

Another common question for the makers was the cost, If they could make it so fast how costly was it? The cost was not as friendly as the speed. But still very worth it. The production of a typical vaccine funding is around 30-$70 million USD but for the making of COVID, it was pledged $8 billion in USD just for the research itself. This vaccine uses the newly advanced mRNA technology to be in their vaccine. This is the first time mRNA was used in humans outside of clinical trials. 

But what are people’s thoughts on this vaccine issue and do people think it is safe? In an interview with Kevin Do, he believes that the vaccine is safe. He has received his vaccine and this is what he said, “The vaccine is safe and everyone should receive it so we can stop the spread of this virus.” Although there are some opposing opinions on this vaccine. On the other hand we also had an interview with Joshua Lee, which he believes that the vaccine is not necessary and could be harmful.

Thanks to the new technology of mRNA and the vaccine making skills, scientists could make the vaccine just over a year and it is finally out. It took a lot of effort and billions of dollars may agree it was definitely worth it. Millions died because of COVID. And although not all agree most people including doctors have proven this vaccine working, and finally we can put an end to this.