The Vaccine


Since Joe Biden was elected for president he was determined to do as much as he could in his first 100 days in office.  The one goal that Joe Biden had in his first 100 days that stuck out to me was making the vaccine.  This is very crucial to make the vaccine as soon as we can because if we don’t more and more people are going to get sick and possibly die.  

Joe Biden was elected president January 20, 2020 and from then to now he has made much progress on his goal.  He is moving so fast that he is being compared to how fast Franklin D. Roosevelt was in his first 100 days in office.  This is astonishing because Franklin D. Roosevelt passed 76 laws and many of them were directed to reviving the economy since the Great Depression.  It has been 70 days in his office and he has accomplished many goals that he had wanted completed including making the vaccines.

 Since Joe Biden was elected January 20 2020 to March 30 2021 he has made lots of vaccines.  He had made a promise that by the beginning of July there would be enough vaccines for all adults in America.  That was not true though because it is now stated that there will be enough vaccines in America for all adults by the end of May.  Joe Biden is very proud of that and is trying to exceed that goal as well.  

With his exhilarating speed he may be able to complete this goal and astonish all of us even more.  Johnson and Johnson and Merck working 24/7 to make more and more vaccines getting a daily of two million doses a day.  The USA has gotten fifty one million doses in total in this little time soon to get to one hundred million.  

Joe Biden can also ensure that these vaccines are safe because the companies that are making these vaccines have run many tests to make sure that they are safe and not harmful.  They tested the vaccines in clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people to make sure they meet the safety standards or protocols and protect adults of different races, ethnicities and adults over the age of 65.

To get the Covid vaccine all you will need to do are very simple things.  You will have to get an appointment with a doctor, go to the office and wait in line to get your vaccine.  Since we are in such a big crisis, they are giving the vaccines to people free of charge.  Because of this many people are getting the vaccine even if they don’t have money.

There are two shots that you need to get the vaccine.  You will either get the Pfizer-BioNTech shot or the Moderna shot.  Both take two doses of the vaccine.  The first shot that you get will make your arm sore but it will not cause major problems to you most likely.  The second shot that you get is more likely to have side effects and will also make your arm sore.  People have different reactions to each of the shots.


Featured Image By: David Ho and Gina Lee

 David Ho & Gina Lee