Biden’s Plan For Climate Change

     The current U.S president Joe Biden happens to be continuing to address the importance that belongs to issue that belongs to climate change. Biden is going to exist as a focus on the top of addressing this issue. He mainly focuses on the top of the united states within the first 100 days that belong to Joe Biden’s presidency.

     Biden has been addressing the issues that belong to climate change. He has the desire to help save consumers money and reduce emissions through new, aggressive appliances and building efficiency standards. He would also exist as a protecting America’s natural treasures as well as the arctic national wildlife refuge, as well as he happens to be working on top of this issue that is going to belong to many other reasons

     Biden is going to attempt to accomplish this goal by empowering American workers as well as many businesses to lead an existing clean energy revolution making sure that carbon emissions happen to be balanced by absorbing an existing equal amount that was by the atmosphere, such during the same time that by planting trees. Joe Biden plans to spend about $2 trillion over the next few years to decrease emissions by improving buildings to make them more energy-efficient.

     Due to the fact that Biden is the president, there are very few people who happen to be an expert inside of the topic to address climate change within Biden’s first 100 days, I found as well as is going to quote our current vice president Kamala harris. On her Twitter page, she says the following “climate change is an imminent threat to our planet unless we correct course. It’s within our power to do so. Now is the time.”

     Biden’s plan regarding climate change during his first 100 days inside of office happens to be very focused on top of as well as active. They happen to be put inside an existing lot that belongs to effort with their plans to overcome climate change and create an existing healthier, cleaner world. The plans include improving as well as updating buildings during the same time that well during the same time that cars. The  Biden administration happens to be putting together an existing encouraging plan that is going to encourage and helping others form cleaner earth.