Biden’s $2 Trillion Plan for Climate Change


Joe Biden’s presidency began on the 20th of January 2021, where he was inaugurated. Joe Biden has since then been addressing the problems our country holds at this point currently. The problem that is being addressed is climate change, which are the effects of our fossil fuels and Co2 emissions that have further disrupted our atmosphere, trapping heat inside. There are two ways to see this, Co2 emissions may affect the world positively from not becoming cold and more hot, but this disrupts the ice glaciers north and south, disrupting habitats and ecosystems, and further devastates earth.

Biden now figures millions of clean energy jobs that will further slow climate change. For his plan to ensure that the U.S. achieves 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050 is a very big task as clearing most Co2 and Fossil fuel uses is hard to stop. It is very usual for humans using devices and other industrial environments to make their everyday lives their everyday reality and changing and enforcing upon these laws and regulations is something that some people might not exactly agree upon and feel comfortable with changing our whole industrial structure. This 2 trillion dollar plan [as stated during Biden’s year as vice president during Obama’s presidency] is a task that is very risky and a big gamble as if this will work.

Jessica Smits, a frontline nurse with a master’s degree responds to what may change about our system coming forth of this plan, sooner asking, What is an issue that you may have if this plan succeeds and there are certain regulations to prevent any Co2 emissions? “I think that it will only change the products I buy and it may cost more for products that I usually use that are cheaply and I may have to become more minimalist in the things I consume,” she states. This plan is a big task and a few selection of people may not think that this is a possible task or solution at hand. Seeing this, I further investigate what other people feel upon the ability of completing this task, “I do [think this is a possible task], but I think that we need more education and understanding in how the changes will be implemented,” Jessica Smits exclaimed.

Biden has had a plan since his years as vice president to create more than 10 million green jobs that will further help our society and achieve net zero emissions sooner. 3 million jobs had already been created, but more have been created since then. This will be promoting more clean energy products and production, such as solar panels, electric cars, clean industrial emissions, and other products that will further contribute to the plan of achieving net zero emissions.

With all of this, Biden’s plan seems almost unachievable seeing the size of earth and how far into this problem we are already in. But his plan has arguable matters that may be able to achieve this task, and hopefully, we will see its completion.

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