Biden’s First 100 Days: Reversing Climate Change

Climate change is an ever looming crisis that has been put off for too long. Luckily, there is a new administration that brings hope to the planet. The Biden administration has a very ambitious plan for tackling climate change during the first 100 days of the presidency. This humongous issue needs an assertive plan that President Biden and the administration is happily providing. Of course, they only have power over the United States of America. But, the U.S. only contributes 15% to the problem. So, in order for their plans to work, they need to enlist the help of countries all over the world.

One action President Biden is making to reverse this matter is planning a Climate Summit that talks with countries all around the globe about this pressing issue. President Biden and the administration are also looking to rejoin the Paris Agreement on Climate. This agreement is an international legally binding treaty on climate change, meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Another action on the agenda includes reinstating California’s waiver to set their own standards under the clean air act, and forbidding fossil fuel usage on any federal land. These, and many more, are actions that need to be handled executively, which the administration has no problem doing.

Brandon Hurlbut, who was the chief of staff in the Department of Energy during the Obama administration, says that, “The Biden team has a lot of experience; many of those folks served in the Obama-Biden administration, and they know how to use executive authority to advance the agenda.”

However, not all of the initiatives need an executive order.  “… Action will have to come from a variety of avenues in order to effectively confront the climate crisis, “ says Emma Foehringer Merchant, a reporter for Greentech Media.

Some other avenues that action will have to come from include Congress, who would help to make these changes be more sweeping. Things like establishing a greenhouse gas emission reduction, making major investments in clean energy, contributing to climate research and green innovation would need the support of Congress. Workers in the fossil fuel industry are also willing to help. Although the reduction in fossil fuels would mean a reduction in jobs in the fossil fuel industry, they are showing support for President Biden’s new ambitious plans, while also wanting to ensure that their workers wouldn’t lose money or their jobs. Biden has ensured that many people will get new jobs that are environmentally friendly with his climate change plans.

The plans of the new Biden administration regarding climate change during the first 100 days in office are anything but inactive. They are working hard with their ambitious plans to reverse climate change and make for a happier, cleaner future. The plans include lots of executive action, including rejoining the Paris Agreement, and planning a worldwide Climate Summit. But they also include initiatives that affect the fossil fuel industry and Congress as well. Overall, the Biden administration is organizing a hopeful plan on the way to a clean Earth.