January 6th, 2021: A Dark Day in American History


January 6th, 2021 ; A Dark Day in American History

“January 6th has never been a day of significance”, said Senator Amy Klobuchar. Although Senator Klobuchar was correct, she has truly underestimated the events that would take place on that day.

January 6th, 2021. 6 Days into the New Year, big things were happening. The final electoral counting of votes for the 2020 General Election was happening. President Trump, knowing his chances were being diminished as most of his lawsuits were failing, sought after a different way to gain control, breaking in.

At 12:15, President Trump called a rally to form outside of the White House. He instructed crowds to march over to the capitol, stating “You have to show strength” Supporters walked down Constitutional Avenue. During this time, a pipe bomb is reported near the Republican National Convention first, followed by the Democratical National Convention thereafter.

At 12:53, the first barriers were breached. Congress started it’s joint session, while President Trump kept encouraging the rioters. About 20 minutes after his speech, riotters start to get physical, fighting officers and toppling gates. Many others follow suit, and at 12:58, Riotters start to walk up the steps on the west side of the capitol.

From here, Officers try to use tear gas, but to no advantage. Inside, Congress Members do not seem to realise the violence outside, until 2 P.M, a solid 2 hours from when the first barriers were breached. During this time, republican’s and democrats kept arguing for what they wished. Senator ted Cruz has taken a large amount of flak from his remarks, saying that “America is a Republic whose leaders are chosen in democratic elections. Those elections, in turn, must comply with the Constitution and with federal and state law”.

But before we head into the mob break in, the main question remains, why? We know it was mainly because the electoral counting was happening on that very day, but could there be a reason other than this? For that, we have to dig deeper.

There are 2 other reasons that could contribute to this. We know the main reason, because President Trump wasn’t re-elected, but I think that it could be the fact that President Trump wanted to have a display of power. President Trump may have wanted to send the message “I have my supporters which could do many things”

There is even more evidence that ties into this theory. Senator Ted Cruz was seen walking around the capitol building on January 6th. Former Representatives decided to leak information out to rioters, such as where the democrats were. This, in turn, could lead to the information that President Trump has a lot of power, even post presidentially.

At exactly 2:13 P.M EST, The mob breaks in. The Senate is called into recess, and from here many news channels show the outside, which, unbeknownst to many, has been flooded by rioters. Senate Members go into hiding, and rioters head into the building. One hero during the riots, Officer Eugene Goodman, had kept the rioters from finding senate members. He took the rioters around a corner, distracting them from Senators. A tragic loss, Officer Brian Sicknick died on January 7th. The cause of Mr Sicknick’s death is unknown.

What about how? There are two topics to cover here, how President Trump acted after January 6th and what president Biden will do. President Biden has a long way to go. The country is pretty much split, and President Biden may not be the optimal candidate for this. First and Foremost, we have the fact that President Biden is a Democratic President, While President Trump is Republican. We also have the fact that President trump made claims about election fraud that would have helped president Biden. This shows that, even though nothing had happened, President Biden may not be trustworthy to Republican’s.

President Trump has laid very low after Jan 6th. Not much was heard from the former president for the next 14 days, until the next president was elected.

Biden knew that he wasn’t facing any normal divide in our country. He knew that there was a lot of mis-trust and split in the country. Biden has spoken, in almost every message, about how as a country we need to pull together to push forward.

One fairly unknown message that I felt was important was Biden’s usage of showing competitors coming together to make the Covid Vaccine. This is important because we can do great things if we pull together.

There is no Doubt that January 6th was a tragic day in American History, and the aftermath will take a long time to clean up


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