The Rise of America’s Energy Consumption

Have you wondered what exactly happens to America’s environment and economy because of our outrageous energy usage and wastage and what actions President Biden will commit toward this problem? In 2008, fossil-fired thermal power plants generated 3,806,611 GWh amounts of energy which also allows for more and more energy to be wasted and more money to be wasted along with it. This does not just harm America financially but also environmentally because the production and consumption of this energy is directly related to air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal.

According to Electrek, (a news and commentary site that is tracking, analyzing, and breaking news on the transition from fossil fuel transport to electric transport) wind and solar energy drove a record fall in coal fueled energy in 2020. Also that offshore wind could meet 90% of America’s electricity demands in 2050 and that U.S solar set a record in most solar panel installations in American history in 2020 and that it could quadruple in 2030. Although this is great news can America keep this up and if so, can the rest of the world learn from what we are doing and join America in tackling the insane amount of wasted energy that is affecting the whole world?

Well a New York Times article recalls that “ America fails to capture two-thirds of the power it generates” and also “ The United States was ranked eighth among 23 of the world’s top energy-consuming countries.” But also programs and companies such as Energy Star( a program run by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and U.S Department of Energy) are saving American consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year in order for them to not waste so much money on wasted energy. 

Biden has already announced that he plans to replace the governmentś fleets of cars and trucks with electric vehicles and to invest $400 billion over the next ten years, as one broad mobilization of public investment, in clean energy and innovation and the U.S Department of Energy and Biden both support renewable resources such as wind power, solar power, and hydro power as the future’s new main types of renewable energy and to remove the harmful fossil fuels that are affecting our world’s climate. Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure would give a 10-year extension to tax credits that have been a boon to solar, wind, and other renewable energy source projects. Biden’s main two goals of this $2.25 trillion infrastructure is to increase investments in the clean energy economy and encourage low-emission technology.

Overall, there are some major investments and initiatives that are being made right now and that Biden and the trusted programs, companies, and people who specialize in clean energy and to decrease the amount of money and energy wasted daily are working each and every single day to find a possible solution to fix this major problem in America and problems alike. Issues like these don’t just happen in a day and sadly have been happening and increasing for years and years now. The only way that I see this issue being resolved is with the help of the people and the leadership of Joe Biden and the important figures in this category/issue and also for the people to not give up on resolving this problem until it is fully overcomed.