Biden’s Green New Deal


Joe Biden the president of the United States of America is planning on stopping Climate Change. Everyone is excited about this plan, but everyone is asking how the President has set his goals to do everything he can to stop Climate Change. Over the past years, climate change has endangered animals, glaciers have been melting, and slowly sinking states across the U.S.

The President has made a contract called the Green New Deal which is used as a structural frame that will help meet the requirements of Climate Change. Joe Biden has told everyone that he will try his best to get a clean environment before 2050. The Green New Deal includes the plans that the President will use and that our environment and economy will be completely and totally connected. Joe Biden plans to have a 100% clean environment for everyone to live safely.

What Joe Biden is doing here can be very historical to the world. No president has ever been able to stop climate change. If the President is able to stop climate change he would be considered one of the best presidents. Although many people think this achievement would be impossible it shows that Joe Biden tried his best to stop Climate Change for everyone.

It would be very disappointing for someone to say that they will stop climate change but they don’t succeed. But, no one should be disappointed because Climate Change is a huge problem and no one has ever fixed it before. Joe Biden is trying his best and even though he might not be able to stop Climate Change we have to know that Joe Biden tried his best for the world.

What President Biden is trying to achieve is big and it might not be stopped. Even if Biden doesn’t succeed in stopping Climate Change, people probably wouldn’t be mad because the community knows that the President tried his best to stop Climate Change and that’s what matters most. People can say what they want but people will respect him and what he does. 


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