President Biden decides to reopen schools despite the pandemic

President Joe biden has decided to reopen schools all over America before the end of his first 100 days so that students and teachers can resume in-person schooling. Schools will be reopened with new safety measures like social distancing and mandatory masks. Tables and chairs will be sanitized every once in a while and the teachers and staff will have to maintain and teach all the students while maintaining a 6 feet distance. Even though the exact date of reopening schools has not been confirmed, students and teachers will meet one last time for the school year of 2020-2021 and schools will be reopened for the school year 2021-2022.

Schools were shut down, because of the global pandemic that affected many people all over the world. But schools have started to reopen and students and teachers have started to resume in-person schooling, but still keeping a safe distance from each other. School districts are trying to maintain safety measures to keep the transmission of the Coronavirus low and most teachers are getting vaccinated to be safer. “ I have stayed home and would wear a mask whenever I went out. We didn’t go on faraway vacations. We had to limit everything we did over the past year.” Mrs. Edwards, a teacher in the AdVenture STEM program said.

In the AdVenture STEM Program, all grades will resume in-person schooling on May 10th, 2021. Students and parents have an option to choose either to resume in-person schooling or continue distance learning. People have different opinions like some parents, prefer their children to resume in-person schooling so that their kids can focus better while some parents prefer their child to stay home so that he or she and their families can be safer. Some basic safety measures taken to keep the student and staff safe include. These include- Teacher desk shields, Student desk shields, Face Shields for teachers, Hand Sanitizer in stock on campus, Desk wipes in stock on campus, Established Routines & Schedules, Sanitization of High Touch Areas Daily, Cleaning Shared Surfaces Between Use, Screening for Symptoms at Home (SCCPHD), Arrival & Dismissal Considerations, Isolation Area (Students & Staff), and Restrict Visitors & Volunteers. They also include- Face Coverings, Face Shields, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizer, Avoid Sharing & Store Separately, Create & Install Signage, Water Bottles Brought from Home, and Office will have extra disposable masks on campus in the event that one is forgotten or needs to be replaced during the day. Click this link to get to the Herman Intermediate School Return to In-Person Plan.

“I have not loved it but the pandemic taught me a lot. It made me love my home more than I ever have before. We have done renovations to help our home and now we have solar panels, which is green energy. The pandemic inspired me to do things that I would have never done normally. I also loved getting to know my kids better and spend time with them,” Mrs. Edwards said. Even though this pandemic had many downsides it helped us learn a lot and even after we survive through this it will be a historical event that many people will learn from. Hopefully we will not make the same mistakes again.