Busy Baking


Did you know that baking started around 600 BC? Back then only the richest people and royalty got to eat baked goods because it was considered a luxury. Now, almost anyone can enjoy baked goods, like a cookie. Chocolate chip cookies were actually made by accident. Ruth Wakefield thought that if she put chocolate chips into a cookie, it would melt and make a chocolate cookie. But, instead, her baking mishap created one of the most loved desserts of all time. Dessert lovers in the Bay Area will be thrilled to know that the Tartine Bakery one of the most famous bakeries around is located right here in San Francisco. 

Sophia’s favorite treat is cake because she loves sweets. But she doesn’t eat desserts a lot because sugar does not settle well with her system. Out of the four years she has been baking, her favorite thing she as made is a chocolate hedgehog. She was proud that she could make all the features of a hedgehog and put it all together. Her favorite place to get baked goods/desserts from is Edible arrangements because she says they make “extravagant things.” 

The first thing she successfully made was chocolate chip cookies, even though she prefers to bake cakes. She makes rice bread because her parents don’t like sweets. Even though Sophia likes sweets, her favorite type of food is sour. She would pick sour things over sweet or salty any time. 

Seana’s favorite dessert is dark chocolate brownies because they are between a cookie and a cake. She says “They are warm like cookies but soft like cake.” She thinks that “the best brownies are slightly gooey inside.” Seana eats dessert about twice a month but tries not to eat a lot of sugar, because it doesn’t feel good. One of her favorite dessert is pumpkin bread. She likes it because it is soft like cake, and she likes the taste of pumpkin.

Seana has been baking since the age of nine and the first thing she made were chocolate chip cookies. Seana’s favorite bakery is Gayles because they make the best croissants. She says that Gayles croissants are flakey, fresh and melt in your mouth. Seana rates Kayleigh’s baking skills a 6/10 because she believes that Kayleigh is still learning the techniques of baking.

She wishes that Kayleigh would learn how to make her sourdough bread because that is her favorite. She said that if she had to eat one type of food out of sweet, salty, and sour, she would choose salty because she does not like sour and sweet makes her sick. Also Seana would choose salty because french fries are salty and she loves french fries.