History was made while we watched from our couch…


It’s hard to believe that nine months has passed since we last saw each other in person. AdVenture STEM’s Student Information Night has successfully moved to a virtual platform, while teachers have figured out how to teach math and reading skills remotely from their homes. Here we are at the end of another semester. Meanwhile, history is being made all across the country while we watch the news from our couch.

AdVenture  students have proved just how tough, tenacious, wicked-smart, and resilient they can be. Some have suffered more than others in this pandemic. All of us miss joking around with one another in person, screaming through a competitive Vocab Jam, sitting on the lawn outside in the sun, the sound of musical instruments and young people laughing in the background; but that hasn’t stopped anyone from learning.

When this time in history is over, we will look back and reflect on how our lives were radically altered. Our little educational ecosystem will smile just like proud parents. There may be some knowledge gaps, but if teachers have learned anything in the 21st century, we’ve learned that gaps can always be closed–quickly–in the age of technology. More importantly, all of us have learned invaluable tools about ourselves and our sustainability.

While history was being made across the country, 7th grade Digital Journalism students ‘put to bed’ the second edition of the Patriot Power this year. Students wrote articles, mostly in pairs, on topics they feel passionate about in the world. They learned to expand their research and embed excerpts from their research more adaptly in the articles they wrote. They also gained tremendous confidence in editing and refining their work.

I hope you will take a moment to read their stories and celebrate how much they have grown as reporters. It’s easy to forget that these students are just twelve and thirteen years old. This is their online newspaper; these are their words.