How are Students Doing with Distance Learning?


On Friday, March 13, 2020 Oak Grove School District closed down all schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before that students did much of their school work online, and it wasn’t really stressful. The pandemic changed that whole concept. Students have received all of their instruction and every single assignments online every day since March 2020. Now it is stressful for the students because they have lives outside of school like sports and clubs. Plus, they need time to get off the computer because the break times are not enough. Now there are new expectations for class; cameras must be on, if in a breakout room cameras and mics stay on. Sometimes when students are placed in breakout rooms with some cameras on, some off, it can be awkward especially if the person is new. As we get further into Distance Learning some aspects are getting better, but the work is getting more and more stressful. 

There are many pros and cons to online learning. First off, it is hard to communicate with teachers and friends online. If you get stuck on an assignment or a task, you aren’t able to sit with your teacher–in person–to work on it so you can better understand. During online classes, some students are distracted by other devices: phones, laptops, and ipads. Tech issues are another big, important issue that happens during virtual learning. Sometimes the teacher is talking about something important that every student needs to know and you can get kicked out of the meet or start to lag or the audio gets spotty. When we have to pick up supplies or books for class, not everyone has time to get them. 

Homework has been one of the things students stress about the most ever since online learning began. More than 70% of students in the United States say that homework is pretty much the only thing they stress about. They say they are “over schoolworked” and “often and always stressed”. According to this research, 56% of students say that it stresses them out at least a little, and less than 1% of students say it does not stress them out at all.

After school some students would like to go out for a walk or call it a day and get some fresh air or, in general, take time off from their computers. Some students aren’t able to do this because their homework is due a few hours after class ends. Being on the computer for too long can cause major headaches or migraines.

Even though online learning can be stressful, we all need to keep our heads up. We can do this; we are all in this together.