Trigger Warning DEATH


Most of you may know the series Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. These famous books are about wizards and were published starting in 1997. A person called Lord Voldemort wanted all the power in the wizarding world. One night he tried to kill a family. The spell he used was very powerful and nobody survived except one member of the family. The one surviving boy was Harry Potter, the main character of the story.

Harry Potter went to a very good wizarding school called Hogwarts where he met a lot of friends and people who changed his life. He also learned how to become a better wizard by learning from his professors reading books and practicing his spells. Throughout the story, Harry Potter faces challenges but the biggest one was his battle with Lord Voldemort. At the very end of the series, Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, but the cost is many of his loved ones die and many buildings were destroyed.

According to Mary Godfrey, Hailey Perry’s grandmother, some of the characters who portray villains in the Harry Potter series are really interesting characters. For instance, Snape is rude to Harry Potter in the beginning of the story. By the end of the story, Snape was redeemed because he fell in love with Harry’s mother, Lilly.

The Harry Potter series quickly became a huge success around the world. They portray a fantastic, mythical setting that intrigues readers, and the characters in Harry Potter are quite interesting and readers readily sympathize with them. This kind of writing is a great escape for readers from the challenges we face in the real World.