Switch vs. Ps4 vs. Xbox


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play on a different console PC or a completely new one? Say no more, because the answer is here.

Most people have either Ps4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. The Ps4 has many features like more storage than the last one and is flat unlike the one before it, which had many different sides and angles. The Ps4 is fairly priced at $399.99 for how good it is. The Ps4 has a pass that always allows the user to get discounts and free PS4 games every 3 months. It has a decent amount of storage and loading.

The Xbox series has a nice lobby and a decent loading screen, and only costs $300 . It has the Xbox Gold membership which, like the Ps4, offers discounts and free games. The Nintendo Switch is not like the others, you can carry it easily and unattach the joycons to play. You can also put it on your TV to play, and it’s fairly priced at $299. It has a lot of the evolved games similar to Monster Hunters Iceborne on Ps4 and Xbox; the Switch has Monster Hunters Generations Ultimate. The AlienWare Aurora R10 is the best for gameplay but kinda heavy and expensive for being at $1014.99. You can buy chips like the Core i9 or Ryzen 9 for the PC to be able to Play VR games without a sweat.

¬®Personally, I like Xbox more than Ps4. The Xbox lobby screen is better organized than the Playstations. Xbox Live membership allows you to get bonus games, and exclusive discounts in the Microsoft store. Xbox has a high frame rate and can handle a lot. It has 8gb of storage for you to download games,” says Holden Gil, 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM.

Collin Sinkovic, another gaming chair expert, talks about the Nintendo Switch ¨ Yes, I would recommend it. The pros are it has the most kid-friendly games and the controllers are easy to use. The Switch is portable and very easy to set up. The cons are: the controllers tend to drift or move by themselves. The cost is a little expensive, and not all games are included.¨ The switch is mostly child-friendly console and has most of the Mario games on it. The new xbox and ps are going to reduced loading and better graphic and much more!

Based on analysis, Ps4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch are among the best and most popular gaming consoles for now.

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