Worry, Stress, and Fear in the Pandemic

Worry, Stress, and Fear in the Pandemic

Quarantine has been a very stressful time, especially for students. People had to figure out how to deal with a highly contagious, in some cases, lethal virus. Staying at home has motivated many people to try new things; for instance, some people might have learned how to play musical instruments. Despite the lockdown, some people have figured out how to build confidence or simply feel better about themselves. 

Molley Thach, a 7th grader at AdVenture STEM, reported how the virus has changed her daily life, “I went into a state of mind where I felt like I didn’t have to do anything for myself.  I stopped taking care of myself like I used to, and even stopped leaving my room a lot.”  Thach told us, “I would only leave for water or to go to the restroom and for food or snacks. I would only get ready if I was going somewhere. Personally I was in the mindset that I didn’t want to actually get ready unless I was biking or doing something outside of my home.”

After several interviews, it became clear there are some people who are okay with the quarantine and then there are some people who don’t like the quarantine. One friend explained how they miss their friends and miss going to dance competitions. “I don’t really like COVID-19 because a lot of things have changed but I also kind of like it because I  am home a lot more,” Nalynn Rodriguez said. 

Quarantine has been hard for everyone. Some people think that it was a time for them to learn something new or learn to focus on themselves. They also think that they have grown and changed for the better and that this quarantine has helped them. Others say that they would rather be back in school and that they don’t like the quarantine and miss seeing their friends.

Being in quarantine has it’s disadvantages and difficulties, not only to a person’s health and safety, but to their relationships and hobbies. Overall, there have been positives benefits for people such as: making online friends or reconnecting with friends or family living far away, creating better relationships with people, or learning a thing or two about themselves, and feeling better about themselves, physical and mentally.