Sports and athletes in the age of COVID-19


Like many other sports, basketball players have to follow safety protocols during a pandemic. They are required to wear a mask and practice stay six feet apart while they practice. The Center for Disease Control recommends that non-professional athletes not play in large groups, and the CDC also advises that people should practice at home. Due to COVID-19, people have not been attending fewer competitive games and competitions. 

Keira Yan, a young gymnast, says that “The hardest part about doing gymnastics in COVID-19 is wearing a mask”. Keira also had to move gyms because her old one closed down. She said that this was a struggle for her because she didn’t know anyone at her new gym. Keira also dislikes that parents are not allowed to enter the gym and support her.

Keira said that the hardest thing about playing sports during COVID-19 is wearing a mask at practice and keeping at least a six feet distance away from all her friends. Due to COVID-19, fewer people are coming to her practices which means that some of her teammates are not attending the practice.

Avani Chaudhary plays is volleyball. She is required to attend practice two days a week, and when she goes to practice she has different rules that she is required to follow. Some of these rules include wearing a mask, staging six feet apart, and using hand sanitizer every fifteen minutes. She says, “Even though these rules sometimes get in the way, we want to make sure we continue to stay safe and continue to keep others safe.” She also stated that during this time there are fewer people attending practice, but unlike other athletes, she said this does not affect her. 

Keira Yan and Avani Chaudhary are two athletes who play very different sports. They continue to practice according to CDC guidelines, so they do not put their health or others at risk. They wear masks and socially distance from other players while they run across the field or leap across the gym floor. They should be applauded considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most people to stay home.