YOLO (You Only Live Once)


Right now, the world is in the midst of a crisis. People are scared and in pain after losing their loved ones. Even though the world is collapsing, it is our responsibility to rise again. The Coronavirus pandemic is not to be taken lightly; nevertheless, we should be able to enjoy our lives. People all around the world are in lockdown and quarantine, but we are in it together. During quarantine, we have to be able to entertain ourselves, enjoy a good time with our families, and see the upside in this dilemma. Even though we are in unprecedented times, we should be thankful for the opportunity to be with our families and spend quality time together.

Entertainment plays a bigger role in the pandemic than you think. It helps us forget about the bad things and what is going on for a while and helps us enjoy life. There are many forms of entertainment, like movies, TV shows, video games, outdoor activities like hiking and riding your bike, small vacations, and simply spending time with your family and friends. 

“I think the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise as we can reflect on the type of people we can be,” Ms. Mendoza, a P.E. teacher at AdVenture STEM said. “And of course I want to go back to school, but people are able to reflect and set goals and try to achieve them [because of the pandemic].” 

Although there may be many drawbacks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are just as many upsides. For example, families are able to reconnect with each other and the environment has been very lively. Animals are reinhabiting places they haven’t been in for years. Businesses that promote online activities are thriving. Pollution that causes many diseases like strokes, heart diseases, respiratory illness, which kills more than 4 million people each year, has decreased significantly. For instance, in China, one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions have gone down drastically since the pandemic began.

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear,” Karen Salmansohn, a famous self-help book author, said. This quote relates to the pandemic we all are facing. Even though we are scared and concerned about ourselves, our family, and our friends, we have only one life and we should enjoy it. We still have to be safe by practicing social distancing and wearing masks, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able live our lives. “Life is a little chaotic,” Ms. Mendoza said. “And before the pandemic everything was fast paced, and now it’s relaxing and [it’s] nice to have a slow-paced life.” 

Rather than noticing what you don’t have, pause and give gratitude for what you do have. Enjoy life as if we only live once (YOLO).