Caves and cliffs…. and more caves!


Jeet Lad and Ezekiel Smits

On October 2, 2020, the Worldwide Minecraft community rejoiced about the upcoming Cave update, an update that would enhance the game’s features. Some new features of the cave update include dripstones and new cave generation. This new cave generation means new caves! The new types of caves are lush, deep dark, mesh, and normal caves. There are also new ores and things that are exclusive to each new cave, with this there are three new mobs, the warden, goat, and axolotl. Not only is the overworld in Minecraft being enhanced, but the mechanics. These new items can be used to make farms, machines, and tools. A variety of items is always great in a game, there is much more to explore and create.

Before this update, there was the Nether update of version 1.16 which held many mechanics that the Minecraft community was waiting for. It added many features to the Nether for more exploring as the old Nether had nothing much. It also added new tools that took the #1 spot diamond tools used to be, making it stronger than diamonds. This was known as netherite. The Nether is a biome in which you can find by creating a portal, once created you will have access to the Nether. This update was great, but the Minecraft community thought they needed more in the overworld. Leading to the long awaited day of the Cave update for version 1.17. This update brought many enhancements to the game to make it have a more wide adventure and longer playtime.

“This update I have been waiting for forever,” said seventh-grader, Ethan Pereira. “We have been using the same caves since 2010 and could use an update. I think that it will definitely have a smooth and cheerful release. There may be some bugs but this is what everyone was waiting for.”

“I don’t actually hate [this update] at all,” Pereira said. “This will bring a new cave generation that I have been waiting for. Taking a peek at it in the snapshots has been exciting. The new caves look awesome and the items look useful to players like [me] with a computer that can’t handle optimization and stuff like the telescope [texture pack launchers]. It will also bring new items that can be used for decorative purposes as well that look awesome.”