Online Communication During the Pandemic


Communication during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential for all kinds of people to keep in touch with others. Whether it’s used for work, school, or just talking to friends and family. During the pandemic, people’s main method of communication is talking to one another online using many different methods. Doing research on this topic we interviewed an 8th-grade student on his thoughts and compared the past vs present of pandemics in history and showing people who have improved methods of communication.

Current popular sites for online communication include Google Meets, Zoom, Discord, Facebook, and Snapchat/Instagram. Each of these platforms are unique in their own way and have different purposes for communication. Sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are used by millions of people to show each other photos and sometimes messaging. Sites like Discord are used by many young people talking to friends or other people in certain communities by texting or even voice chatting. Then sites like Zoom and Google Meets are used by schools to teach online and a way for family members to see each other online.

People like Eric Yuan and Jason Citron have improved methods of online communication by creating popular sites many people use today. Eric Yuan created the popular online conference site known as zoom to help schools around the world teach children and to have family gatherings online during the lockdown. Jason Citron created discord as a site for many young people to text and talk to friends and to join popular online communities that they are interested in.

While we seem to appreciate these new ways to communicate with others, it wasn’t as easy back in 1918. In the year 1918, there was a large outbreak of the Spanish flu and many people would have to isolate themselves from other people. According to Sun Journal’s Spanish flu vs the telephone, this made it very difficult for people to keep in touch with friends and family because not many people had a telephone and one of the only other methods of communication was postal mail. But using mail to communicate regularly became difficult because of the pandemic. Luckily today, almost everyone has access to the Internet making it easier to communicate virtually, online with friends and family during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dylan, an 8th grader at Herman, believes that Discord allows him to talk to his friends more easily. He says, “I enjoy how on Discord you can call and text friends on the same site and you can even share your screen to friends” and “I feel like I talk to my friends a lot more because of Discord.” He also finds  Zoom to be helpful for school because it allows him catch up on school. But he does find it difficult because it’s harder to communicate with teachers online.