Call of Duty or Rainbow Six Siege?


Which game is better: Call of Duty or Rainbow Six Siege? Call of Duty came out before Rainbow Six Siege. So it should have more fans, more advanced graphics, and more game modes. Rainbow Six Siege was made by a man named Tom Clancy.

Many people thought Rainbow Six Siege wouldn’t be as good because it came out after Call of Duty. Rainbow Six Siege is pretty similar to Call of Duty, but it has its differences too. Rainbow Six has only one mode, 6v6 and that is the reason it’s called Rainbow Six Siege. Call of Duty has over 10 game modes, including 6v6 and it’s even got a Battle Royale. Tom Clancy has made more than one game, but Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have nearly enough modes.

I asked my friend, Jack, if I could interview his brother who plays both games. I asked him how he found out about the games, and he said that his dad taught him about Call of Duty, while he found out about Rainbow Six. He said that he personally likes Call of Duty better because it has a less toxic player base.

According to Jack, Rainbow Six should have more modes but still stay in the 6v6 style so it can live up to its name. Jack believes that Call of Duty should stay the same, but he also said that it should add the Zombies PVE mode to all the games, because classic and really fun. Which game is better? Jack responded, like many others, that Call of Duty would be his pick. He said it’s because the game has been out for longer, has better players, has more people working on the game, and you have a chance of respawning to be back with your team. 

Call of Duty is better than Rainbow Six because it has more games, more players, and more developers. More games will be released now that the pandemic has created a whole new generation of gamers. Let the players decide which game is best after all the games are released.