Monica Lun and her Life Story


What is a hero? Do they fly in the sky? Do they have superpowers? I’m not sure but my hero is my mother, Monica Lun. She is my hero because she has helped me, my family members, and children for many years. She always takes care of my family and me. Lun teaches her young TK students and helps improve they learning. She also gives information to the parents on how students are doing, and ways to improve their learning. She works towards her goal of helping students achieve their critical learning and highest expectations.

Monica Lun started out in Newark, California. She lived in a small, one story house with her family of four. She studied everyday and tried to show what she was capable of. She was always an independent person and did her personal best on every assignment. Her parents thought she would grow up to be an attorney.

Monica graduated from San Jose State and the University of San Francisco.  She wanted to work in public relations, but things didn’t work out. She changed her plans, went back to school for her teaching credential  and  grew up to work for Oak Grove School District. When she met my dad, she moved to San Jose to teach at Glider Elementary. When I came along she stayed at Glider and taught Kindergarten till it shut down. Then she was moved to Taylor elementary and teaches TK now. She worked very hard to get to where she is now.

My mom has saved me many times and taught me what to do and how to avoid doing the same thing again. She is always fussing to make me do things right. She has stopped my grandparents from going too far from their home during this pandemic. She has taught many kids life lessons either her own students or just kids in general. Even if online school is hard for her she will figure out how to use all of this technology. My mom has learned from her mistakes or others mistakes. My mom will always be a hero in my heart.