Lai Huynh and his adventure to America


There are many heroes in the world but I believe that a person who deserves this recognition the most is Lai Huynh. Lai Huynh was one of the many people who tried to escape on boat from Vietnam when the north and south was at war for control of the land. When he was on the boat it was really crowded and they needed to be careful not to be caught or they would be killed. It was late at night and Lai Huynh and his father got on a small fishing boat off the coast of vietnam. The boat was crowded and many people were pushing and shoving to get on the boat. They had to be very careful not to alarm the watch towers or they would all be killed.  The boat would take a route following the land and taking short break at the coast of many country before trying to cross the ocean to america. The route they were taking was also very dangerous pirate were patrolling the Indian Ocean.

After 20 people got on the small boat it took off they successfully got off the coast of vietnam without anyone noticing now they had to began sailing to reach america. A few days after they set sail they were attack by pirates and all there resources where stolen. They then had to drift to land to get resources. After that Lai Huynh and his father started helping out on the ship because they didn’t want to be attacked again. After many weeks they finally reached america they stayed in North Carolina for a while. Lai’s father had started to fish and crab to sell for money. When they had enough money Lai Huynh flew to San Jose to and started a family with my Mom.

Even now Lai Huynh works his hardest to care for the family and doesn’t come home till late at night. He says “he truly believes it is worth working hard to achieve something because it will pay off in the future.” After all that Lai Huynh has gone through and how hard he works to support the family I believe that he deserves to be a hero.