My Father’s Journey

My Fathers Journey

“ Good things happen to good people,” says Vimal Chaudhary. Chaudhary is a hardworking person and he is always there for those in need. He was born in 1973 and was raised in Fiji. While he lived in Fiji, he had lots of friends that went to the same school. He says his whole neighborhood was like a family. After school, he and his friends hung out together while playing soccer, sometimes with his older brother.  When he was younger his favorite thing to do when he was younger was to play with his friends. He also liked to visit family members as well as riding bikes with friends. Vimal had one brother who was three years older than him who served in the Military but passed in 2017. Since he lived as an extended family his three younger cousins were also like little sisters to him he says. His brother’s name was Rajnish Kumar Chaudhary. 

“Growing up my older cousin was and is still my role model. I look up to him because he was a caring person and he didn’t treat me like I was younger than him. Instead, he treated me like a brother and someone who took care of me. He acted like he was a brother to me when my actual brother cut contact with us,” my father says. Before moving to America my father was living in New Zealand by himself for three years. Because he didn’t have any family there It was hard to cope. He said he wasn’t used to the lifestyle, the people, or living and providing for himself. My unassuming hero moved to America at the age of 17. His parents decided to move here because in Fiji there was not much of an education, and they wanted him to have a happy and successful life. My father has been one of my unassuming heroes because he is a hard-working person and is always there if I need help.

My father was born in May of 1973 in Lautoka Fiji. “I remember it being ever-changing because I moved from place to place and from school to school. I remember it being fun but also hard.” My father had a good life but in one part of his life, he had to learn to provide for himself in New Zealand at the age of 14. Then he and his parents moved to America three years later. “When I first when I moved here I didn’t like it because I was different, and I didn’t know anyone, but as I started to grow up I figured that I liked America because I have a stable lifestyle,” my father says. My father has always been there for me and will always be my unassuming hero.