My Nana’s Journey


If I could choose anyone as my “Unassuming Hero” it would be my Nana Mary Godfrey, I’m very close with her, I tell her a lot, she makes me feel so happy and tells me a lot about her life.

Mary had an interesting life, no it wasn’t weird I mean it was a fun life. Mary was born in Fort Ord but not long after her dad was ordered to move to Texas in 1953, she then was ordered to move to France and stayed there for three years, after that Mary moved back to Fort Ord/Monterey and decided to settle there after meeting Robert, they both worked at the same place and thought it would just be easiest to stay in Monterey, also Robert liked the weather there better than the weather in New York. Robert used to live in New York and it was really cold there so he liked Monterey’s weather a lot better. I am very close with Robert but I still would say that Mary is my unassuming hero.

Mary loved to live in France, it was by far her favorite place to live. “When I think back I think as a child my favorite place that I loved to live in was in France” said Mary. “I saw a lot of different cultures, I learned to speak some French, Spanish, and Italian. For me that was a great experience, I always think back to when I was in Europe,” Mary explained. She sometimes misses moving around and seeing so many places and learning so much but she had to do a lot of stuff to get ready to move and sometimes it might’ve been stressful. Moving around a lot became a normal thing for Mary, she just got used to it, but when she had to leave France she didn’t wanna leave, and got kinda sad. Mary had a pretty interesting life but she loved it. Mary always makes me feel better. I talk to Mary a lot and often visit her house and stay there for a while. Mary had a very fun life, she loved it, and I’m happy she told me about everything.

Mary has taken care of my mom, uncle, she takes care of my great grandma and comes down with  Robert to take care of my brother and I. Mary is the sweetest, and has taught me a lot. She taught me how to make lots of foods, so did my dad but I baked with Mary a lot. She also has taught me a lot about her traditions. In the end Mary Godfrey is my unassuming hero and she’s helped make me a better person. She takes care of me and cares for me and I love her for that.