A Journey In Vietnam

The Horrors and Terrorization in the Vietnam War

A Journey In Vietnam

I would like to say that my grandfather is probably the hero in my life. I say this because he had fought in the vietnam war, and I’m proud of him for that. I don’t mean to sound like his parent when I say that, but I look up to him for what he did. I know that I definitely would not want to risk my life for a messy, political situation with the government, but my grandfather had to. At least he did not die, because if he did, I would not be here writing this article about him. So without further ado, let the story begin.

When my Rodney Eaton was just about ten years old, ‘The Vietnam War’ had started because the US feared the spread of communism in Vietnam. Then about ten years later my grandfather was drafted into the army and went boot camp to Washington DC. When he was in basic training, he learned how to fix tanks and other types of tracked vehicles. My grandfather originally enlisted in the US Air Force but he had to go to the ARMY instead. Back then the government could just draft you into the military to fight in a war, but nowadays you can’t be drafted into the military in the US, and you have the freedom to choose to be able to go into the military. 

In the area in vietnam where my grandfather was stationed, the weather was very humid and wet. This is because the area surrounding Saigon, Vietnam, is a jungle biome. My grandfather’s base was about twenty miles south of Saigon, which was the former name of the capital of Vietnam, now known as Hồ Chí Minh city. “I worked in the ammo department from time to time,” said my grandfather, “I would also fix treaded vehicles when I would be in the tank repair area”. My grandfather would sometimes also work in the POW (prisoner of war) camps or he would work in a sniper tower looking for the Vietcong (vietnamese communist soldiers). I think that politicians should leave other countries alone unless there is a dire situation such as the Taliban trying to take over Afghanistan. 

The base my grandfather also had a hospital and a prison but he never worked in that area or the base. One of the funny things that happened to him in the time he was in the base, was when he was guarding the ammo room, the base had taken down these nets that would prevent grenades from going into the ammo rooms, this monkey had jumped onto his back and started to literally strangle him. Luckily my grandpa had thrown the monkey out of the ammo room and off his back, but he said that it was funny and scary at the same time. Anyway, that was his story and I hope you enjoyed it. I appreciate my grandpa for what he did in vietnam and for his sacrifice.

I think that my grandpa is a really fun guy. He loves to hang out with his family, and he is very loyal to our grandma. I see a lot of cheerfulness in him. One of the reasons I look up to him is because he is very persistent. I think that when you are persistent, nothing can bring you down. I don’t know why but I feel like the reason my grandpa survived the Vietnam war because he was persistent with everything he did. I hope this story will inspire you to be persistent with everything you do and never quit.