Papaberto’s Month-long Journey to America


This is a story about my grandpa, Filiberto. My grandpa was very poor in mexico. He was among his 6 siblings and was barely getting enough food. He wanted a change. He wanted a better life. He had a dream. It was to come to America and live a successful life. So at age 14 he went off to cross the border with his 16 year brother and some friends. It was hard,there was little water and little food. At nights the group and his brother would sleep out in the open. But my grandpa did not want to get caught so we went to go hide by the river and trees. The group would get caught but he did not. He finally made it to America after long weeks of crossing.

Once he came here it was no easier. First thing was to find a job and shelter. He worked in the fields. He got lucky to be his boss. My grandpa was hard working; he would wake up before everyone else and stay out later than everyone. He was very kind and his boss took note. He let my grandpa say in an extra room until he was stable enough to get a house on his own. My grandpa also wanted a family. So he brought him over here. He helps his other sibling come to america. Also his girlfriends, soon to be wife. He finally got a house and started a family with his wife.

After working in the fields, he moved on to construction work. He helped pave many important structures and places, like stanford. My grandpa loved to work on the house and build. He built a second room in his house and mine.He also loves animals, There has never been a time in my life where I have not seen my grandpa without a pet. He had birds,fishes,cats,dogs,snakes and so much more. When he is not outside working he is watching television.

Whenever you have a problem guarantee he can fix it. I can count on him for everything. I look up to him. He is my role model. I would not be here without him. None of my family would be here too if he did not have the bravery to come to America. “It was the hardest thing I have ever done,” Filiberto said. “But it was worth it. It was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. It was worth the non stop Fear of me not making it. I was worth the cold and restless nights. It was worth the aching blisters in my foot from the miles of walking,running and hiding all day. It was worth it because of my friends and family. I would have not done it without them and my new one that I created because of this journey that led on to another one.”