The Hero of My Family


My grandmother, Ruth Bannister, was a nurse before she became a stay at home mom. She was the top nurse where she worked. She is 83 and has lived a hard, but interesting life. She now works for a person that sales art in China, she paint the things he sends her

She was a nurse before she became a mother and then a grandmother, she had to work hard to become a nurse she did not come from a wealthy family, she was not able to finish her schooling because of world war two the headmaster of her school was called out to fight in the war he was not just the headmaster of the school he also played a big role in the town’s church, her family had to eat rabbits because her father was not making much money he had a disability so he couldn’t fight in the war but he was also not able to make a lot of money, something that she did during this time was walking up and down the hills by her home with her brothers, sister, mother, and father it was a way to escape from everything that was happening in the world around them.    

 “When my brother was nine years old he became seriously ill with his heart, when I went to see him with my mum I became fascinated with the smell of the hospital and everything in it” Ruth said, when she became a nurse after the 2nd world war right around that time antibiotics came they saved people’s lives, it saved her brother John’s life.

When she had her kids she wanted to stay home she loved her job but she wanted to be home when they were soon after that she started painting  “I was like the painting class at school but they were never serious about them, and when Claire and Simon went back to school I didn’t what to spend most of my time at work. It was a hard job and I wanted to see my kids.” Ruth said. Ruth also started to do puzzles, She found them fascinating she thought there were so many different colors and you had to put them together to make something beautiful when the world was not so beautiful.