My mom in the 1980s




“I lived in San Jose,California. I lived in a house with my mom, my  dad, and my two sisters. I would ride my bike to the store and to the park. When I was older I got an Atari and a Simon Says.  I liked playing those games.  Me and my sisters would listen to the music on the radio.”

“There was this hill where you could ride your bike up the hill then go down really fast. You could walk to Thrifty’s and get an ice cream cone. I would meet my friends at parks,’’ said my mom. She loved music, Madonna, Tears for Fear, Kiss, Cindy. Anything. She loved shopping, trying new things but she was always a little shy about things with that and only told her friends in confidence.

Even in all of that my mom had seven pets–a bunny, two cats, one dog,a bunny, a turtle, and a hamster. Sometimes My mom’s dad would have to put on oven mitts to get my mom’s cat because she was so scared that she would scratch my mom. My mom loved all of her pets very dearly. She had a big house growing up so she did not  have a problem with space.

My mom didn’t have a hard time to always be talked to because my mom’s older sisters,Jill and Lynn, had a lot of friends and they would always talk to each other. She had trouble with math but the best thing she did was sneak one of her new puppies into school, almost everyone knew except the teachers, My mom said she loved doing it because she has always wondered what it would be like if you could sneak a pet in.

After that happened kids started to sneak their pets in and it was like a petting zoo in school but nobody was caught and they all had so much fun doing it. San Jose was a pretty small city when she was there so everybody kinda knew everybody, My mom said that people would always walk their dogs everywhere. People were always going to great america in the summer and the pumpkin fairs in the fall, She says that things were a lot simpler when she was a kid.