Better Together

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At roughly 7:33 PM, An airplane landed at San Francisco airport. This flight was carrying my mom, Mrs. Hina Lad, who was preparing for a rough future ahead of her. 

On September 20, I inquired my Mom about how her life was when she first came to the United States. My Mom came to the United States to get a better future for her and her future children and husband. She came in 1995 and when she came, she got citizenship like everyone else, first applying for a green card, waiting 5 years and then getting citizenship.

But, like every person when they came to the U.S.A, she faced many hardships.

 One of these hardships was the language barrier “It was hard for me as I was in 9th grade and it was hard to communicate with my teacher” Mrs. Hina stated in an interview “I would also have trouble communicating and explaining my projects.

“But not everything was something that was a hardship,” Mrs. Lad stated “ When I first came to the United States, I had a lot of good memories meeting my extended family as they had moved to the U.S 2 years before I had”. 

At that time, the housing price was much higher than it is now. When asked about the housing when she came to the United States “The housing cost was much different than right now. A house would go for about 120,000 dollars and now there are houses going for over 1,000,000 Dollars” Mrs. Hina replied “The cost of living was much cheaper. You could get a lot of vegetables for 50 Dollars, but now that much vegetables could go for at least over $100 Dollars.

“I think that I have changed in a good way mentally after I came to the United States,” Said Mrs. Lad as she was questioned about her mentality coming to the United States. “I was helped by my cousins if I needed anything and my parents have always helped me” She was also helped by her cousins for school. They would check her grades, as her parents did not understand what grades mean. 

Me and my mom are very similar when it comes to grades, I came to figure when I found out that in her final semester, she was extremely anxious to find her grade as she did not have a live updating grade online.

My mom has lived a tough life. She has faced everything from stereotypes to stage 3 Leukemia. But through all of that, she pushed herself for the things that she loves, her family.